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Dr. Emily has a variety of options to make it as convenient as possible for you to find the location and appointment type that works best for you. Hours and pricing can be found by clicking the booking link for your preferred location. Virtual appointments are available to patients anywhere in Ontario.



16 Newbridge Road Unit A


Book an appointment with Dr. Emily at in Etobicoke


205 Steamship Bay Road


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1555 Bayview Ave


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Available to any patient located in Ontario. They are available at all three of the above locations. Choose your preferred location and use the booking links above.


Available at all three of the above locations. Choose your preferred location and use the booking links above. 

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Dr. Emily Martin, ND
Location Details

Etobicoke – 16 Newbridge Road Unit A


Dr. Emily is thrilled to be practicing alongside the amazing team at Rise Chiropractic Wellness Centre to be able to support patients in the Etobicoke area. Dr. Emily started her career as a naturopathic doctor at Citrus Medical in Etobicoke and she has enjoyed becoming part of the Etobicoke community. She is available for in person, acupuncture, and virtual appointments.


Dr. Emily is continuing to offer virtual appointments to all patients in Ontario. She enjoys the convenience of virtual appointments for herself and her patients. It allows for reduced commuting time, increased flexibility for appointment times, and it makes it easy for patients with kids, pets, and other responsibilities at home to take some time for themselves without having to leave the home. Virtual appointments also offer the opportunity for patients from anywhere in Ontario to work with Dr. Emily. Given her personal and professional experience with celiac disease, she looks forward to working with patients across Ontario with celiac disease and other digestive issues.


If you’re unsure whether a virtual appointment is right for you, please schedule a complimentary consult with Dr. Emily to discuss the options.

Dr Emily Martin ND Muskoka Gravenhurst

Gravenhurst – 205 Steamship Bay Road


The Muskoka Wellness Co is a multi-disciplinary clinic located at the beautiful Muskoka Wharf in Gravenhurst, ON. The practitioners at The Muskoka Wellness Co offer care to the entire family, including infants and children, as well as during pregnancy and postpartum. We work together to optimize the health of you and your family to help you live active, healthy, and happy lives.


Dr. Emily has a family cottage in Muskoka and loves spending as much time by the water as possible. It’s very special to her to be able to work at a naturopathic clinic in Muskoka.


Toronto – 1555 Bayview Ave


Bayview Chiropractic is a team of healthcare practitioners providing personalized performance solutions for everyone, from elite and recreational athletes, to those overcoming the challenges of everyday life. The practitioners at Bayview Chiropractic use evidence-based techniques and offer individualized care to ensure everyone achieves their health goals.


Dr. Emily grew up in Leaside and continues to live nearby. She has always appreciated the community connections that she has developed throughout her life in Leaside and she is thrilled to offer her naturopathic services to the Leaside community. You can find her on Bayview in the gym at F45, shopping at Boutique La Muse, and buying her favourite health foods and supplements at Peaches and Green.

In response to COVID-19, Dr. Emily is offering virtual appointment for all new and existing patients (Ontario residents only). You can easily book a virtual appointment online with Dr. Emily at any of her three locations. Please visit the booking links for her independent practice in Etobicoke, Bayview Chiropractic, or Muskoka Wellness to schedule your virtual appointment. Now is the perfect time to focus on your health and Dr. Emily is here to support you!


Acupuncture and in person appointments are also available at all three locations. If you don’t see your desired appointment option at your preferred location, please email Dr. Emily at naturopath@emilymartinnd.com for more information.