January Journeys

Happy 2018!! I hope all of you enjoyed a happy, healthy, and restful holiday season! I had a wonderful holiday but have also been so excited to get back into my normal routines post-holiday season. It’s hard to believe we are already a couple weeks into the new year. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for an incredible 2017 and get you excited for what’s to come in 2018!

Emily Casey ND - Naturopath blogger

Highlights of 2017

Emily Casey ND

Launching my website/brand in January 2017 with the help of Sarah Bennett of Origin Brand.

Dr Emily Casey ND - Year of Health - Naturopathic Encouragement

Writing and sharing my 2017 Year of Health monthly blog posts to help all of you optimize your health in 2017! I was inspired to focus on my own self care and I hope it inspired you too.

florida beach

Relaxing on the beach at my grandparent’s condo in Florida. My family and I have been visiting Florida since I was 1 year old and this was the first year my husband and I were able to go together!!

Citrus Medical Naturopath Etobicoke

Feeling gratitude for an amazing year working with my wonderful patients at Citrus Medical Centre and collaborating with their team of incredible doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other healthcare practitioners.

Writing and passing The College of Naturopaths of Ontario Prescribing Exam in June 2017, allowing me to offer to my patients additional services, including B12 injections, bioidentical hormones, dessicated thyroid, and more.

Naturopath Marathon

Watching my friend achieve her dream of running the Boston marathon! Plus getting to visit my family in Boston.

Emily Casey ND Family

Enjoying an incredible family trip to Hawaii! Sunshine and the ocean air was so rejuvenating.

Supporting my husband as he focused on his health, improved his diet, started exercising regularly, and dropped over 50 pounds in 2017!

Emily Casey ND Family

Finishing it off with a fun and relaxing holiday season, surrounded by family, nature, and tons of gluten free food!

Exciting Updates for 2018

Naturopath Burlington and Etobicoke

Check out my 2018 clinic hours and locations! Visit my clinics page for more information.

WOMB - World of my Baby Burlington

Starting my practice at The World Of My Baby in Burlington, ON. I am thrilled to be part of  this team and supporting new moms and families in the Burlington area! I will be practicing at The WOMB on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

naturopath blog

Continuing to share my knowledge with all of you by writing blog posts throughout 2018. There will be a few exciting changes! Blogs will now be weekly (eNewsletters will still be monthly!) and they will be based on my thoughts from the week, questions from patients, current trending health topics, and any other feedback or comments/questions I hear from all of you! New posts will be available on my website blog page Tea with Dr Casey, ND. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook so you never miss a post.

New beginnings. We are moving to Oakville to be closer to my two amazing clinics. I can’t wait to explore a new city and connect with the Oakville community!

wedding rings

Celebrating the marriage of one of my close friends to the man of her dreams!

Emily Casey ND - naturopath Toronto - Sleep & Babies

Welcoming new babies into the world! Both as a doula and a loved one. At least 4 of our close family members/friends are having babies in 2018 🙂

Continuing to focus on regular meditation, running, swimming, and all around self care.

I want to help you have your best year yet in 2018! Please visit my clinics page for information about booking an appointment with me. Questions? Send me an email at questions@emilymartinnd.com.
Emily Martin